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Standing Camera

About Aaron

Focus on Life

Originally from Chicago, I've had the opportunity to see the United States and the world thanks to my time in the Marine Corps.  Now settled in St Louis with my wife of 20 years and two kids I have the chance to return to a passion in photography and an opportunity to help others create memories that they'll want to display and hold onto for the years to come.

Focus on life is a guiding principle that I like to keep in mind while working with clients.  What brings life into an image, breathes movement or a feeling into a still frame captured forever in that one single moment.  Sometimes it's a simple laugh or a smile, other times it's the emotion in the bride or grooms eyes, or the grimace in the face of a musician hitting the right chord for an energetic audience.  

However you define it I want to be the photographer that helps you capture your Focus on Life and helps you find the best way to display it for yourself or others. 

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